Colder temps mean cold and flu season is here

As the winter months start to come and the temperatures start to get lower most of us tend to get sick. This season of the year usually affects our desire to live a healthy life in a bad way. Kids usually get sick from other kids at school then bring it home and before you know it the whole family is sick and has to cancel plans for holiday family gatherings and other things.

Canceling Christmas with family sucks

Last holiday season we had plans of family coming over for Christmas and celebrating. Our plans quickly changed when my wife got two strands of the flu at the same time. We all had to get medicine to prevent the rest of the family from getting the flu as well but our son came down with it as well. We all survived but Christmas just wasn’t the same without having our extended family come over to celebrate. Our plans this year are the same. We have a new house that we want everyone to see this year and we are determined for everyone to see it.

Preventive measures for cold season

Earlier this week I was determined to find a more natural remedy to help avoid getting sick. My family isn’t always on board with the things I find to help us live healthier lives but they are usually unwilling participants nonetheless. When they started complaining about runny noses and sore throats I went to work to find something that could help their situation. I came across many articles claiming that oregano oil is a natural antibiotic so I went by the health food store and picked up a small bottle to try it out. When I got home I poured two or three drops down my throat and literally started coughing because of its potency. It was very strong and I had to wash it down with a glass of water. I did not give up though. I went to my ten-year old daughters room and put one drop on each of her feet and rubbed it in. You can do the same thing with essential oils by the way. My wife mistakenly put some drops down her throat and coughed a bunch as well. My oldest daughter applied some on her feet and my wife put some on herself and our two year old sons. I drink hot tea every day and I added two drops to that to help me. I can honestly say that everyone is feeling much better today than just a few days ago. We hopefully saved a trip to the doctor for two kids and my wife with a bottle of oil that was less than ten dollars.

Doctors are great but….

I, like most men I know, try to avoid the doctor as much as possible. I actually found a pretty good Doctor but I don’t go every time I feel under the weather. My wife on the other hand goes herself or brings the kids two or three times during the winter months. They usually give the kids antibiotics even if they don’t need them, just in case. Your body gets use to taking the antibiotics and when you actually need them they don’t work. I’m not against medicine I just know that our bodies shouldn’t rely on them as much as the Doctors want us to. I cut my finger pretty deep about two months ago at work and went to an urgent care to get it looked at. The doctor their put glue on the cut and sent me on my way. I followed up with my doctor about a month later after hitting the cut pretty hard on some metal at work. It got pretty inflamed and I thought it got infected so I went. The cut was looked at by the doctor and she determined that it wasn’t infected. But just in case it was or did get infected in the future she prescribed me an antibiotic. I have yet to take them.


Trying to help others can be frustrating

One of the things I try to do with my life is help others. My main goal for my kids is to teach them the things I wish my parents would have taught me. Some of these are no brainers to me like, how credit affects all aspects of your finances, how to manage stress and anxiety through lifes bad times, and how to live and stay healthy as best we can. My wife has bought into many of my findings on the internet and will try everything once. My kids are all pretty picky eaters so getting them to drink water with oregano oil has been difficult. I work in the electrical field and many of the people I work with have the same ailments that I have. They go to the doctor and get prescribed pain meds and muscle relaxers and they take them like they are candy. I try to tell them about different supplements that are way better for their health and they just don’t listen. Little do they know that in the long term the pain meds they are taking will affect their health in a bad way in the future. It’s up to each one of us to figure out if we are going to attempt to find a different way to impact our own health in a positive way

Make the correct decision with your health

Every time you take a pill, eat fast food, drink a coke, you are making a decision that will change your health little by little. The decision is yours and yours alone to make. Do the research, the means for living a healthy life are out their, It’s as simple as just looking for it.





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