Foods bad for Inflammation

The holiday season is here and we all know what that means, Food, and lots of it.  What we put into our mouths affects all aspects of our health, so we should make sure to put good things in.  Different foods can add to the inflammation we might be trying to get rid of even if we are using different remedies to combat this.

We do well to naturally fight the inflammation in our bodies by using supplements like turmeric but we can lessen the inflammation with our diets before it becomes unbearable.

What causes inflammation

There are several different ways our bodies become inflammed.  The American diet is filled with foods that put our guts in a constant state of inflammed status.  Fried foods play a big role in doing this. Alcohol consumption is also a huge factor.  Our bodies also become inflammed when we have an injury.  The body uses inflammation as a way to heal itself when we cut our hand or sprain our knee.

Stress can also play a huge role in the body.  We all have stress in our lives but how we deal with it differs for each person.  We are born with a fight or flight status wired into our minds.  There are certain chemicals released in our brains when we go through different stressful situations in our everyday lives.  To much of these chemicals released can be a very bad thing for us.

Each person has a different way of dealing with any certain situation.  Take a fire fighter for instance, they are wired different which makes them the people that run into a burning building when everyone else is running away from it.  In those situations they fight.  Take that same person and put them in a room with 3 crying babies and they might try to run.

Foods that help fight inflammation

People in the middle and far east have a natural vegetable root that is in the everyday diet that helps with inflammation.  It has been brought into America in many different forms over the last few years.  I have seen it come about in different forms in my local supermarkets.  This natural inflammation fighter is called turmeric and it comes in many different ways of utilizing it.

What I take everyday is two pills of turmeric instead of any painkiller like advil or tylenol.  The negative things that come from years of taking over the counter pain killers and prescription naproxin pills is becoming well documented and the outcome of it is not good.  The stores have now started to sale the actual plant of turmeric.

Other foods that are good for inflammation are broccoli and avocado.  The research being done on the overall health benefits of ginger root are becoming more well known everyday.  This also helps me with my reoccuring acid reflux.  I cut up pieces of the root and add it to my herbal tea on occasions.  Another snack I like that helps with inflammation is blueberries.  I like putting them in the freezer and eating them that way.

Those are just a few of the good foods that can help fight inflammation.

Foods that cause inflammation

Humans are the only species that drink another species milk.  I believe that the addage that milk does a body good is the biggest lie we have been told over the last few decades.  Milk adds to phlegm in the lungs during the cold months and adds to our likelihood of being sick and not able to breath.  A lot of joint pain and kidney stones are usually nothing more than calcium buildup in those areas of our bodies.

Red meat for me is great tasting and fills me up quickly but afterward it drags me down and makes me feel heavy.  Too much red meat in a persons diet can add to a number of  bad occurences in the body.  For people with slightly high blood pressure eating to much pork can add to an even higher reading on your blood pressure.  Foods eat in moderation should be attempted when eating the good tasting, bad for you food.

The opioid epidemic

Gut health is extremely important when it comes to your overall health.  We all have bacteria, good and bad, that is in our gut.  Taking prescription and over the counter pain killers affects this bacteria greatly.  Prescription painkillers have taken the lives of many Americans over the last couple of decades, yet people still take them regularly.

One way to counteract the bad bacteria in our guts is to take a probiotic.  There are a few things to consider when picking a probiotic.  Make sure there are no artificial fillers or additives.  Dont rely soly on a certain website seller for the only form of research you do when purchasing.  Dont go just off the cheapest price when making your purchase.  We cant always afford to go cheap when it comes to our health.

A few things to look for when you do decide to purchase a probiotic are multiple strains of bacteria, at least 9 different strains is what i look for.  Make sure that a listed ingredient is not gelatin.  Also make sure it is 100% vegan.

The last thing is not necessarily an opioid but it has become an epidemic in regards to over prescription.  Antibiotics are, in my opinion, used way to often to treat things that dont require antibiotics.  Over time taking antibiotics lessens there affectiveness when we might actually need them for something really bad.  Also antibiotics kill the good and bad bacteria in our bodies.  Obviously the good bacteria needs to stay in our bodies to combat disease and sickness.


There are many supplements and pills that we can buy and take on a regular basis to help fight inflammation in our bodies but if we are diligent then we can solve this and many other issues before having to take a pill.  We must do research and stay away from eating fast food and fried foods on a daily basis to get our health in check.





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