Living a Healthy Life with Lower Back Pain

Most Americans live their entire adult life with some sort of lower back pain. There are many causes when it comes to the struggles of living with this. I have worked in the construction field since 2002 and many of the people I work with have lower back pain. For many years I have battled different levels of pain, somewhere I couldn’t even walk and somewhere it’s a minor hindrance to everyday activities. Earlier this year I decided to go to a back doctor and see what the root cause of my issues have been. I was diagnosed with two herniated discs. I am only 38 and have no desire to have back surgery so I went to google and found anything I could to live with this sometimes debilitating injury.

Supplements for lower back pain

My Google search led me to a supplement called Devil’s Claw. It is relatively inexpensive on most sites and at health food stores. I purchased it and began taking it as needed about 3 years ago. I live relatively with minimal pain most days. My wife has had three children and is relatively in good health. The joy of having our three kids has taken it’s toll on her back as well. She has pain in her lower back on occasion and takes the Devil’s Claw supplement as needed. We also both take turmeric supplements daily for inflammation. At my regular job this past March we had a 6-week shutdown to repair and replace electrical equipment in a plant. After the first week of the shutdown my back went completely out. My legs would give out while I was just walking. The pain was horrible, I felt hopeless. Fortunately my foreman was very understanding about my condition and worked with me as far as leaving for Dr visits and such. The doctor I went to see about my back didn’t suggest surgery which was great news. He told me I could go to the chiropractor as needed and gave me some stretches and exercises to do. Today I am virtually pain free and hopefully on my way to living with as little pain as possible.


Chiropractor for a healthy life

People with back pain either hate or love going to their local chiropractor. I have gone off and on for several years with mixed results. My insurance covers me for 20 visits a year to a chiropractor. At times I will go 6 to 8 times a month to try to get some relief. It is usually just a band aid to relieve pain for a time. It seems as though they just manage the pain as long as you go see them 2 or 3 times a week. I don’t know about you but most things with my body I strive to fix them not just make them go away for a day or two. I work with a guy who goes 2 times a week every week. He leaves work early every Monday and Wednesday. I don’t want to go like that. There has to be a way to manage this.

Losing that belly

There are so many benefits to losing that stubborn belly fat. The internet is filled with ways to lose weight, the benefits of losing weight and not having that belly fat. Some of these benefits are very apparent, more energy, less likely to have heart problems, less inflammation, and just generally felling more confident and better. This is also a major factor when it comes to back pain. The doctor’s I have gone to stress that the best thing you can do to counteract a bad back is to have a strong core and know how to utilize this core when doing every day activities. The American diet is pretty much geared against being healthy and living pain free. Every prescription that doctors give us has such a long list of possible side effects it nearly takes 15 to 20 seconds of a 1-minute commercial to list all of them. The pain pills that are prescribed are ruining peoples stomachs and creating more problems as we get older. We have to be diligent if we are to live a healthy life which should be free of prescriptions and additives to our food. It seems as though their is always a recall on some sort of food that was sold at your local grocery store. If you do some research and truly find out what goes into our food it might just frighten you enough to change what you put in your body, but the rewards are endless.

Weight management for a better you.

When it comes down to it what you eat and the supplements or vitamins you take plays the biggest role with your health. I have known many people that spend hours in the gym every week and fill their bodies with junk food. They almost always end up hurting or sick. One product my wife and I have been taking for about a year is called truvision health. It works with your blood chemistry naturally and gives you that needed boost of energy that we all need. The ingredients are all natural and neither of us have had any side effects. The overall health benefits have been great for us. Since my latest back episode in March I have been virtually pain free and hope that is a thing of the past. I still can’t site in metal chairs for a long period of time due to the pain afterwards but I know what triggers the pain so I steer clear of those things.


As we know all to well what we put into our bodies directly affects how we feel and the pain we have. Living with back pain can be a thing of the past if we do what is necessary to live a healthy life. With some willpower and knowledge we can beat the system we are surrounded by and be healthier. It will take some extra money most likely but isn’t our health one of the most important things we should be concerned about.





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