Mental Health Treatment, Keys to success

Mental health Issues are a huge concern for a wide variety of people in this day and age. Countless people either attempt suicide or are successful in doing this. There are a number of reasons for people either committing suicide or attempting. It happens to people in all walks of life, celebrities, teenager’s, people of faith, pastors, and even older people. But there has to be more than just a suicide hot line you can call when you are almost about to do the unthinkable.

Where does one go for mental health treatment. Are there 12 step programs, can you buy a book, do you have enough left in you to call someone. The answers to these questions can be a matter of life and death for you or someone close to you.

The root of the mental health problem

There are a wide variety of factors that lead to attempted suicide and other mental health issues. Teenage boys being bullied at school have changed America in these last few years with school shootings. Teenage girls being sexually abused is not in the news but abductions of girls is happening at an alarming rate in most cities in America.

How does a teenager cope with being bullied or sexually abused. One of the key factors in any teenager’s life is how big of a roll there parents play in there lives. The way families have been going the last few decades has changed dramatically. Most families now have both parents working full time jobs and little time to actually be a family. Kids just aren’t getting the guidance and direction from there parents that they so desperately need. They often turn to kids there age, which can be good, but that alone is not enough.

I remember hearing a story of a girl who talked her boyfriend through a difficult time in his life by telling him ways to kill himself. He was unwilling to go through with it and she just kept on until she actually helped him do it. The story was about if she should be tried for manslaughter because she put it on social media and her friends knew about it.

Adults are often times in the same predicament. Maybe a bad marriage or money issues become too much. There has to be an alternative though.

Where to go for mental health treatment.

A simple google search reveals an endless amount of info for the treatment of mental health issues. There are clinics, therapy centers and an endless supply of medications for different types of issues. Some issues like bipolar disorders are usually treated with medications and psychotherapy. Depression can be treated with medications or talk therapy.

I have done therapy sessions on a number of occasions and regret to say that it helped me little to none. That’s not to say that it can’t work for others. I also use prescription medications as a last resort for any issue I have. I use supplements and oils and herbal teas whenever I can find something that works.

My doctor has tried to prescribe me an antidepressant on several occasions and I have refused each time. At my lowest point about three years ago I completely abandoned my wife and new born son at the hospital hours after she gave birth to him. I was so anxious and worried about his well-being that I didn’t know what to do and I was in a fog. I couldn’t think straight, my mind was completely fixated on every potential bad thing that could happen to my new son.

That was my lowest point. Ever since then I have sought ways to train my mind and alter my thoughts towards a more positive way of thinking. Since those days I have been more positive and upbeat about life. I do still have low periods but I am able to dig my way out of them without a prescription.

Steps for a more positive outlook

As long as I can remember I have been a glass half empty type of person. I have done a ton of soul-searching to come to the root of this issue and I have realized that the people that have had major influences in my life have been the same way.

I first came to realize that life is awesome if you choose to make it that way. I know it sounds easy to just say that but if you start today and choose to make the best out of everything in your life then it does get better

One thing I try to do is drink herbal tea from my neighborhood supermarket. Brew the tea myself and add honey for sweetener. They have different flavors for different needs and it just kinda warms your soul.

Another thing I like to do is use essential oils in a diffuser. It makes the room your in smell much better and creates a relaxing aroma in the air. Oils are also great for your health either in the diffuser or applied to the skin. But you have to do research if you apply it to the skin.

Another way I deal with my problems is to talk to someone. I used to bottle all of my worries up inside and I would drink my problems away. I made really bad choices when I was drinking and it almost cost me my marriage and kids on a few different occasions. I have a trusted friend that I can tell anything to and he knows me well enough to know if I am on the right path and making the right decisions in my life.

The main thing I do to keep myself headed in the right direction is simply think, would my kids lives be better without me. Every time I feel down my answer is a resounding No. My parents weren’t really present in my life and aren’t today, same for my wife. But through all of our issues we know that our kids will have it better than we did.

Where to go from here

There are a number of resources out there for people on the edge of suicide and a number of things that can be done to catch a suicidal way of thinking before its to late. Death is final and I know life can be tough but with help we can make it through the difficult times.

If you have children talk to them, be there for them, ask them questions and just be present in there lives. Spend the money to help them through rough times.

Create a positive outlook for yourself and those closest to you. Be a glass half full kinda person. This life is tough and sometimes everything can suck but the world is better off with each of us in it.




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